Ways To Help The Hungry Children of Africa

The children of Africa are in dire need. Malnutrition, disease and war have ravaged the continent. Many people do not know about these problems or what they can do to help, but it is possible for everyone to make a difference. We must be aware of the conditions that exist in order to change them. It may seem like there is no hope, but we will never get anywhere if we don’t start somewhere.

Here are some ways to help:

1) Donate to an existing charity or create your own. 

There are numerous organizations working towards this cause, you can find them at the website of the United Nations , they also have information on how you can help children in need without having to donate money.

2) Help spread awareness. 

The more people who know about this problem, the more likely it is to get better. You can do this by campaigning and petitioning for more help in Africa, or you can just spread the message through word-of-mouth.

3) Don’t buy products that harm the environment. 

By supporting companies that deal in non-recycled and/or non-renewable resources you are ruining the environment. Africa is one of the most affected areas by climate change, so you can help fight this by using environmentally friendly products.

4) Work to stop environmental destruction in your country. 

By working with your local, state or government officials you can ensure that deforestation and other forms of degradation are reduced. If no laws are in place to protect the environment, lobby for them.

5) Eat organic and local to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The healthier you eat, the less impact each meal will have on the environment. Also by shopping at your local farmer’s market you can make sure that produce isn’t shipped from across the world (you might even save some money).

6) Recycle and reduce the amount of trash you produce. 

If we don’t want our children to suffer from having no place to live, we need to take care of the environment. Recycling is important because it keeps our landfills from getting too full.

7) Buy fair trade products to help support developing countries. 

By purchasing not only organic but fair-trade products, you are making sure that the people who grew or made your food were paid fairly for their work. Many of these workers are children in developing countries.

8) Support a politician that cares about the hungry in Africa and help to get them elected in your country. 

There are many politicians who preach equality, but do nothing to support it or to help those who need it most. You can stop this by voting for people who truly want change. Consider supporting groups such as Oxfam and Transparency International .

9) Hold a fundraiser for the children of Africa. 

You may think that throwing a party or making food is pointless, but it can raise awareness and money. Even if you make enough to feed one child, you did something good. Find out about this organization called Plan Canada which helps African youth in need.

10) Go to Africa and help children locally. 

If you have the time, energy and money then this is a great way to invest in the communities that surround you. You can find ways to volunteer or donate at sites such as work away or go abroad.

The blog that you just read is not only informative, but it also provides some ideas on how to help African children. We encourage you to take the time and consider these ways of helping because it may change your perspective. 

There are many organizations working towards this cause so there is no need for you to feel helpless or alone in your fight against hunger. The more people who know about this problem, the sooner we can find a solution!