Upcoming Releases

There seems to be a void in superhero movies. Just a few years ago it seemed like there was a great new releases every few weeks. Most of it is probably due covid but also a few series have concluded. Then there was the sale of Fox to Disney which resulted in shifting plans.

The biggest most popular superhero movie wise has always been Batman. And now that Christopher Nolan hasn’t made a batman movie in almost a decade believe it or not the last one was 2012. It feels like it’s time for a new Batmman movie. Not the Joker or Batman as part of a superhero team. We need a real batman movie. The truth is that it was 18 years between Batman Begins and Batman and Robin films. Batman and RobinĀ  sunk batman forever so it was smart to make the Nolan Batman films a trilogy.. The good news is that we won’t have to wait 18 years it’s already been 8 years but the next film is in the works. in 2015 Warners got Ben Afflict to agree to star and direct a Batman film but it didn’t happen. He was having substance abuse problems from what I think was problems in his marriage which ultimately ended in divorce and him leaving the project. How do you screw up a marriage to Jennifer Gardner. Especially Ben. You would think he could handle it. But hey none of us are perfect.

The Batman Release Date: March 4, 2022

What I know is that they grabbed the guy from Twilight. Robert Pattinson will play a younger Batman. Which could be good. My personal vote would be to turn the Dark Knight comic book series by Frank Miller into a trilogy. But they have already pulled or stolen ideas from that series for past films. I had a discussion with my Scottsdale Video Production friend about this. If they wanted to make a great film they would get Frank Miller involved at least as a consultant. I hear he might be a little tough to work with but Warner’s owns DC they could even adapt the comic book story line into a feature film. Why reinvent the wheel when you have what many consider the best comic book in history under your control. Matt Reeves is set to direct who we know from Darn of Planet of the Apes. Which was surprisingly not a bad film.

Black Widow – Release Date: July 9, 2021

The movie I’m most excited about is Black Widow. After all who doesn’t love Scarlett Johansson and a lot of times those less popular superhero’s make for the best movies. Look at

deadpool. How many of us that don’t read comic books knew anything about Deadpool? I could be biased because I love dark humor and hard R stuff. He is the anti-hero superhero, which is in my wheelhouse.