Top 7 Most Famous African Charities

It is important to look for a reliable charity or organization, before sponsoring a child. This would be a lot easier if you happen to have an idea about the most renowned child sponsoring organizations in Africa. There are seven of them which will be discussed in this article.

#5. Sparrow’s Children’s Project

This organization is found in Mozambique and hence is one of the top 7 famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa. It has been working as a child sponsorship organization since 1996. The main objective of this non-governmental organization is to provide sustainable relief and development for children, families and communities in Mozambique.

Sponsoring a child through Sparrow’s Children’s Project will cost you $39/month; however, if you are interested in sponsoring two or more children, you will have to pay $49/month.

#4. Africa At Heart

Hailing from a non-profit organization in the United States, this is one of the top famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa. Africa at Heart was founded by Tom Katus and his wife in 2004. The main objective of this organization is to provide better education, healthcare, food and shelter for the less privileged children in Africa.

The main core of this organization is volunteerism. It encourages people to come together in helping the disadvantaged kids without expecting any immediate reward.

#3. Compassion International

This non-profit Christian organization was established in 1952, back when it was known as ‘Christian Children’s Fund’. The main objective of this organization is to bring relief and hope into the lives of millions of disadvantaged children. 

Sponsoring a child through Compassion International is extremely easy and can be done in three different ways:

1. Sponsor a child by donating $38/month.

2. Sponsor a child at one time donation of $3800 for 12 months.

3. Sponsor multiple children or support the same sponsored child for longer period of time, for a donation of $3800.

#2. World Vision International

World Vision International is a comprehensive humanitarian organization, which was established in 1950 by Robert Pierce Burnham. Its main objective is to improve education and nutrition among the children across the world, no matter where they live or what their religion is.

Donations can be made through credit card, online banking or through direct debit from your monthly bank account.

#1. Save The Children International

Save the Children was established in 1919 and works as a child relief organization. It has been working to protect children around the world and also mobilize people across the globe who care about children’s welfare and support its mission and vision to help vulnerable children.

Sponsoring a child through Save the Children costs $48/month, but you can also opt for sponsoring more than one child or donating only once instead of monthly donations.

Sponsoring a child can be an extremely fulfilling experience for both the sponsor and the sponsored. This article has outlined 7 of the most famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa, ranging from organizations that work solely with African children to those who provide relief anywhere around the world.

It’s important you do your research before selecting one charity over another so you know where your money will go towards supporting their missions and vision.