Sponsoring A Child in Africa

Sponsoring a child from any African country can help that child as well as the community the child lives in. Here’s some information on how it works and what your money can do to help change a life.

What you Get for Sponsoring a Child: 

Your sponsored child will have access to medical care, food, education, and other benefits. Every child you sponsor is an individual, but every child in the program has these things in common:

• They will receive at least one hot meal per day;

• Their school tuition and expenses are paid; 

• An annual medical exam including needed vaccinations; • A chance for safe water to drink.

A sponsored child’s family also benefits from the program in the form of increased food and health care.

When you sponsor a child in Africa, your sponsorship will change their life! The child you choose to help could be sick, but with your donations they can receive medical treatment that they need. Or if a child needs an operation it will be provided by sponsorship donations. If a child is not in school, your money might help them go.

Everything you give will have an impact on that child’s life.

Where Does the Money Go? 

Your contributions are used to help with the most basic needs of African children, keeping them healthy and in school so they can break the cycle of poverty. 100% of every contribution is used for the children and their communities.

This project addresses a variety of needs, all of which come from one simple goal: keep African children alive and in school so that they can break the cycle of poverty. 

In addition to supporting individual children, sponsors help provide: • Critical medical care. More than two million children die each year in Africa from preventable or treatable illnesses like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia. By providing access to primary medical care, sponsors help save lives and create healthier communities;

• Less stress at home. A child’s education creates less stress at home by allowing a parent to work to provide for the family and take pressure off siblings who must leave school to help provide for the family.

• Safe water and schools. In many African communities, available water is not safe to drink, causing illness and potential life-threatening dehydration. By providing access to clean drinking water, sponsors help prevent disease while ensuring that children have a chance to go to school each day. 

Sponsoring a child in Africa can change a life, but it can also change your own. 

When you give to the Compassion project in Africa, you are supporting life-changing programs that will help children grow into healthy adults with access to food, water and education while protecting them from disease and keeping them safe. These individual contributions add up — providing hope for families and communities. 

There are many ways you can help, but no matter how big or small your gift is, you’ll see the impact your sponsorship has on the children in this community. 

And when you sponsor a child in Africa, you’re helping end poverty while changing lives within families and communities around the world.