Save The Children

Save The Children Organization: Helping Children in Africa

Save The Children Organization is a charity created to help raise funds to educate and protect children. Since it started, Save The Children has been helping children all around the world. In the 1980s, they were able to help over 4 million children by saving them from hunger and poverty. Save the Children is a small charity that helps many children. They are able to help so many people because of generous donations from donors. So far, they have raised over $2 billion dollars to help save children in need.

In addition to giving children food and shelter, Save The Children also provides them with health care. They provide vaccinations and help treat diseases that spread easily in impoverished areas. A lot of the time these treatments and medications aren’t readily available in places where Save The Children operates. This is because in some areas people just can’t afford medical treatment. Save The Children is working to help improve these areas by providing the drugs that are necessary for good health.

Save The Children also provides children with educational opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. They work to provide housing for children so they can attend school comfortably and safely. Their goal is to have every child in Africa have the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. For girls, this is especially important. In many African countries like Nigeria and Somalia, there are cultural practices that stop girl children from getting the same opportunities as boys. This includes going to school.

Save The Children tries to fight these cultural barriers by giving them access to education and providing scholarships for them to continue their studies. Without Save The Children, many girls would have nowhere else to turn for help with school or other education needs.

Save The Children also provides food and other basic supplies to the areas where they are operating in Africa. They are able to do this by helping local farmers get access to better farming equipment and education. These efforts help local farmers become more successful and produce more food which provides a better chance of surviving for the children.

In addition to helping the areas they are working in, Save The Children also works with other charities to provide aid during catastrophic events like natural disasters. For example, when hurricanes strike places like Haiti and southern Florida, charity organizations work together to help those in need. They bring in the necessities like food and water and help the population get back on their feet. Save The Children helps provide support to children who suffer from these natural disasters.

In general, Save The Children does a lot of work for those who are less fortunate. They help those who wouldn’t be able to get access to the education and medicine they need by providing it for them. This includes girls who would normally not have a chance at an education or health care. With the help of Save The Children, millions of children are able to get the care they need for good health and to succeed.