Poverty In Africa

The Children In Africa Need Help

The continent of Africa is a place of beauty and grace, with vast stretches of green grassland, and the exotic animals that roam on it. It has mountains and hills interspersed among its plains and valleys everywhere you look. But this is not all that Africa is. Many parts of the continent are poor and harsh, with a mere handful of people who eke out a living on it. This land of hunger and famine has many reasons for its terrible state.

But what can be done to relief the suffering of its people?

The Hunger Problem

One of the main reasons why Africa is poor and underdeveloped is because it has an overpopulation problem. The population in Africa exceeds the amount of food that is available for consumption by several times, especially given how little money many Africans have. Already there are widespread famines in Africa. Food is either not available at all, or is too expensive for the poor people of Africa to buy.

The continent of Africa has also been ravaged by war and disease. Each time a country in Africa goes to war with another, it takes its toll on both sides. Not only does the civilian population suffer from hunger and must flee, but disease spreads and takes the lives of many all over again.

Government Aid

An organization called The World Food Program gives aid to some parts of Africa. They collect money from different nations and distribute it to the people that live in some areas of Africa. This has helped some people for a short while, but not enough so far.

This program also helps with planting crops in Africa, and helps make things a little better for the people there. The local governments of these areas they help out often do not give their full effort to helping the hungry either, if they even try at all. They are too busy trying to stay in power or fix their country from its war-torn state.

So more must be done to help alleviate this terrible hunger that plagues Africa.

How To Help Africa’s Hungry People

The first step of helping is to give money. This can be accomplished by giving your money directly to organizations that are working for the benefit of Africa, or you could buy things from an organization that has this as its main purpose. One example of this is The World Food Program, mentioned earlier.

Other ways to help the people of Africa are to spread the word about what is going on, and to volunteer time or labor to help with projects there. It takes more than just money to fix problems like these, so you must work together for change if you want to really make a difference.

The conditions in Africa are not easy, but they can be improved if enough people take part in the effort. I hope that this article has made you more aware of the problems that plague Africa, and that you will do something to help out. If everyone does something, then together we can make a world free of hunger.