Countries That Donates The Most to Africa

There are a lot of Countries that gives donation to African countries. We have seen lot of them that they came on limelight for doing this act.

12 Countries listed below is the Country that donates the most to Africa:

1) United States of America

This Country donates about $1.2 billion each year to the African countries, both for humanitarian and other use. They are taking part in programs to fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis through organizations like PEPFAR & The Global Fund. United States is the largest donor to the United Nations system and provides more than one-quarter of all funding.

2) United Kingdom

They are one of the donors that gives the most also in support for the economic development in Africa, especially in Sub-Saharan Countries. It has more than 40 bilateral programs and also support for around 4 regional programs of cooperation. They gave about $1 billion in aid to Africa each year.

3) Netherlands

They are donating over $500 million to the healthcare projects in Africa. They have been helping on health issues including HIV/AIDS programs and malaria control through their country’s Department of Foreign Affairs. 

4) Germany

This Country has been working hard together with the United Nations on various issues of education, health and good governance in African countries. They have been donating for humanitarian aid to help those that are victims of conflict or disaster.

5) Japan

This country has been helping poor African Countries through an organization called as “African Capacity Building Foundation”. They have also a lot of projects for helping educational institutions in Africa. 

6) Norway

Norway donates about $400 million annually to the African Countries, especially to Mali, Sudan and Somalia in order to help in development programs. They have being helping in humanitarian aid, health related issues and also education.

7) The European Union (EU)

They are giving $1.3 billion in total, both to help on humanitarian and also on developmental issues of African Countries. This organization has been helping poor countries for promoting good governance and better health care facilities, while at the same time encouraging trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

8) France

This country is working together with the United Nations to promote development and reforms in African countries, and is providing assistance for human development and humanitarian efforts. They have been helping through the French Development Agency (AFD), as well as with their commitment to cancel some of the debt of African Countries.

9) Canada

This country has been collaborating with African Countries on various issues, especially trade and investment opportunities. They provide up to $200 million each year in order to help African Countries with their economic development. 

10) China

This country donated more than 1 billion dollars for humanitarian reasons, and also encourages agricultural development, construction of schools and hospitals (Tanzania & Uganda), as well as funding the fight against HIV/AIDS. They are also helping to boost their trade ties with African Countries.

11) Ireland

This Country gives about $300 million per year in order to help on humanitarian, developmental and also peace-keeping. They also provides funding for consular activities performed by the Irish Embassy in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

12) Italy

Italy donates more than $200 million each year to support development projects throughout Africa. This country has been helping to promote economic growth and fight against the HIV/AIDS, especially in East Africa.

So here you go! These are the Top 10 Countries That Donates The Most to Africa.

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