Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit an SOS Children’s Village?

SOS does accommodate visitors to their Villages. In order to minimize the disruption of Village routine and schooling/sporting activities however, prior arrangements need to be made with the Village you wish to visit.

How do SOS Children’s Villages differ from other child-care institutions?

Most other child-care institutions aim to have the child fostered or adopted as soon as possible, mainly within one to two years of the child entering the institution. SOS Children’s Villages provides professional foster care on a long-term basis, until the children reach adulthood and are independent enough to begin their own careers and families. Contact between the SOS Mother and her children who have left the Village is strongly encouraged. SOS Mothers often assume the role of grandmothers to the children.

Can members of the public adopt/foster a SOS child?

No. SOS offers permanent care to the child that has already been through and let down by the “Child and Youth Care System”. Therefore any requests for adoptions are transferred to the Child Welfare Agencies or the State Social Welfare Department.

How can I help an SOS child?

Children need friends. Friends to share the responsibility for their well-being now and in the future. Rather than leaving destitute children to their own devices and a life of hopelessness and poverty, your contribution will make it possible for us to train and educate these children in caring family environments. You can assist us to teach them to help themselves. There are many ways of furthering the aims of the local SOS Association. For instance:

– Monthly contributions as a friend of SOS
– Sponsorship of a specific project
– Donations, large or small
– Bequests, legacies

All friends of SOS receive regular information on all progress made.