UNICEF: Changing African Children’s Lives

UNICEF is a global organization that has been changing the lives of African children for over 70 years. They’ve helped to reduce child mortality, protect their rights and provide access to education. UNICEF’s work in Africa focuses on helping some of the world’s most vulnerable populations – including children living with HIV/AIDS, girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM), and those who have been affected by conflicts or natural disasters. They do this through a range of programs, from providing life-saving vaccines to keeping schools open during emergencies. 

In 2012 alone, UNICEF reached more than 50 million people across Africa with lifesaving supplies like water purification tablets and mosquito nets; supported nearly 2 million teachers working in some of the hardest to reach areas offering vital pediatric care; and helped over 20,000 orphans and vulnerable children gain access to education.

UNICEF works in four key areas: 

– Emergency relief – providing vital supplies such as clean water, food and medicine to children caught up in natural disasters or conflict. 

– Education – helping ensure that every child has access to a good education and the chance to fulfill their potential. 

– Child Protection – protecting vulnerable children from violence and exploitation. 

– HIV/AIDS – helping children, families and communities to cope by treating over 1 million people with lifesaving drugs every year – making it the largest provider of these medications in Africa.

UNICEF’s work has helped save millions of lives and improve the living conditions for countless others. That is why they are changing African children’s lives. 

Since their foundation in 1946, UNICEF has been working in Africa to support vulnerable children and make a lasting change for them.-UNICEF can reach 50 million people in Africa with lifesaving supplies in a single year. 

How can you show your support to UNICEF?  

1) Donate to UNICEF’s African Children’s Campaign.  This will help children in Africa, and you can donate via your bank account, debit card or PayPal account. 

2) Sign up to become a UNICEF Next Generation Ambassador where you’ll receive action alerts and stories about children in need around the world. As an Ambassador you can help spread the word about critical situations facing children, raise money for life saving programs and inspire others to support UNICEF’s work in Africa.- You could sign up with your email address or by creating a fundraiser on Facebook.-If you create a fundraising campaign on Facebook, you can invite people to join your team.

3) Follow UNICEF on twitter to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in Africa. 

4) ‘Like’ the Facebook page of your local UNICEF office for news and stories about their work. You can find your closest office here: 

5) Send a card telling them you’re there for them. Send cards to children in need of a friend during the holidays – take a look at the addresses on this page:

UNICEF works around the clock to protect children, help provide access to education and defend their rights. They are changing African children’s lives, and we can all help. 

Throughout the world, UNICEF is changing African children’s lives. In Africa alone, they have helped to reduce child mortality rates and provide access to education for millions of children. With your help from donating or following them on social media you can make a difference in someone else’s life today.

What are some ways that you’ve supported UNICEF? Let us know by commenting below!…


Best African Children Charities

According to the World Bank, around 1 in 7 people in Africa live on less than $1.25 a day and lack access to basic needs such as food, water, sanitation and shelter. The United Nations has raised concerns that these problems will worsen when climate change renders large parts of the continent uninhabitable. 

Children are especially vulnerable: they’re more likely than adults to be malnourished and die from preventable diseases like malaria and diarrhea caused by contaminated water or food; many children also suffer neglect because their parents can’t afford anything other than the bare essentials for survival. 

There is no single solution to address these issues–but there are lots of charities working tirelessly to make a difference! Here’s our list of top charities that support and help African children, and the innovative ways they’re making a difference:


UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) works to improve children’s lives in more than 190 countries. For sixty years, UNICEF has been working with governments on their own initiatives on essential health and nutrition programs for women and children. It also provides long-term support to local organizations that provide primary schooling, clean water, and other essentials. 

UNICEF also helps children who have been orphaned or abandoned. All this work is funded by voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations and governments, and UNICEF has helped improve the lives of millions of people since 1946.

2) The Hunger Project

This group works to educate women about their rights as well as how to claim those rights and how they can contribute to their communities as well as create sustainable villages. The goal of the project is to achieve self-sufficiency and equality through advocacy, community development programs and social activism. 

The Hunger Project works with local organizations in Africa including by helping these organizations build leadership camps where women learn about their rights, health education programs for both girls and boys, food kitchens for those in need as well as many other programs.

3) HOPE Worldwide

HOPE International Development Agency (HOPE or HIDO) is an American Christian humanitarian aid organization which was founded in 1987 by the late Reverend Jesse C. Wilson III. Their mission is to eradicate poverty through sustainable development projects that promote independence, dignity and self-reliance. 

They provide needs such as shelter, water, sanitation facilities and food to the poor in many African countries including Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. They also build schools, colleges and community centers which aid children with their education. HOPE Worldwide now has offices in all 50 states in the U.S.

4) African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) 

This charity provides education for children in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. The organization helps the children overcome their experiences of war, loss, dispossession and displacement with an education that ignites hope for a brighter future; schooling is their ticket to a better life.

ACAEDF was established in 2000 and its mission is to provide the children of Kakuma refugee camp with a quality education that meets their individual needs. They also give these children a chance for a brighter future by focusing on not only getting them into schools but helping them gain skills after school, preparing them for jobs and brighter futures.

5) Compassion International 

This organization helps impoverished children in 25 of the poorest countries in the world to receive an education, food and clean water. They are developing leaders among the next generation that will be equipped to transform their societies for good through local churches.

Compassion International began in 1952 which is when Reverend Everett Swanson founded it in Colorado Springs. The organization began to help children in Latin America and today it is one of the largest Christian child development organizations that works through local churches – most are located in Latin America, Asia and Africa . 

6) World Vision International 

This charity supports children by helping their families out of poverty. They also work to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse. They help to create programs that builds better futures for the children such as education and training as well as help with special needs such as medical care.

World Vision began in 1950 when Reverend Robert Pierce wanted to do more than send Bibles overseas so he decided to put his efforts towards helping those in need by sending food, clothing and other forms of aid. The organization has worked in nearly 100 countries since it began.

7) The African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)

This organization works to improve the health of Africans by focusing on research for disease prevention as well as treatment. They train local health workers so that they are better able to provide care and improve health conditions in Africa.

8) International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee works to help refugees and people displaced by war or disaster all over the world. The organization allocates funds in the form of recommendation for human development, education and health care for these people in need.

9) Heifer International 

This charity gives livestock to families in need so that they can use them to create a source of income for themselves. They also promote environmental conservation and care about the well being of everyone on earth by helping people have better access to education, health services, skills training and housing.

10) Save The Children 

Save the Children provides education to children in developing countries as well as food, medical care and other services. They operate in more than 120 countries around the world working to create long-term changes that benefit these children so they can grow up healthy and with the skills needed to support themselves as well as their families. Save the Children also works to create lasting change by lobbying for laws, policies and programs that help children rebuild their communities.

There are many organizations that help African Children. The ones listed above have helped thousands of children become educated, healthy and successful adults by providing them with the resources they need to achieve their dreams for themselves and their families. These charities provide a variety of important services including education, healthcare, food distribution as well as skills training in order to create long-term change for these people in developing countries around the world. 

Whether you’re looking to donate your time or funds, there is an organization out there that will be grateful for your support!…


Poverty In Africa

The Children In Africa Need Help

The continent of Africa is a place of beauty and grace, with vast stretches of green grassland, and the exotic animals that roam on it. It has mountains and hills interspersed among its plains and valleys everywhere you look. But this is not all that Africa is. Many parts of the continent are poor and harsh, with a mere handful of people who eke out a living on it. This land of hunger and famine has many reasons for its terrible state.

But what can be done to relief the suffering of its people?

The Hunger Problem

One of the main reasons why Africa is poor and underdeveloped is because it has an overpopulation problem. The population in Africa exceeds the amount of food that is available for consumption by several times, especially given how little money many Africans have. Already there are widespread famines in Africa. Food is either not available at all, or is too expensive for the poor people of Africa to buy.

The continent of Africa has also been ravaged by war and disease. Each time a country in Africa goes to war with another, it takes its toll on both sides. Not only does the civilian population suffer from hunger and must flee, but disease spreads and takes the lives of many all over again.

Government Aid

An organization called The World Food Program gives aid to some parts of Africa. They collect money from different nations and distribute it to the people that live in some areas of Africa. This has helped some people for a short while, but not enough so far.

This program also helps with planting crops in Africa, and helps make things a little better for the people there. The local governments of these areas they help out often do not give their full effort to helping the hungry either, if they even try at all. They are too busy trying to stay in power or fix their country from its war-torn state.

So more must be done to help alleviate this terrible hunger that plagues Africa.

How To Help Africa’s Hungry People

The first step of helping is to give money. This can be accomplished by giving your money directly to organizations that are working for the benefit of Africa, or you could buy things from an organization that has this as its main purpose. One example of this is The World Food Program, mentioned earlier.

Other ways to help the people of Africa are to spread the word about what is going on, and to volunteer time or labor to help with projects there. It takes more than just money to fix problems like these, so you must work together for change if you want to really make a difference.

The conditions in Africa are not easy, but they can be improved if enough people take part in the effort. I hope that this article has made you more aware of the problems that plague Africa, and that you will do something to help out. If everyone does something, then together we can make a world free of hunger.…


Reasons Why You Should Sponsor a Child on Africa

Africa is the world’s poorest continent. Everyday, about 35 children die from malnutrition. This fact is not a secret to everyone which is why all compassionate souls love to help. 

Yes, but how can you help? Through sponsoring a child. Here are some reasons why you should sponsor a child.

Reasons to Sponsor a Child:

1) You are doing your part. 

It is our responsibility as guardians of this world make sure that all humans have food on their tables. Sadly, not everyone is blessed enough to have food brought right into their homes. Through sponsoring a child, you are effectively giving one child a meal or two everyday.

2) You are giving the gift of education. 

Only one in five girls will finish primary school in Africa. Your donation to this child’s cause might be the boost of motivation to help him/her achieve his/hers dreams of finishing high school and college! Donating towards this empowerment is not only helpful, but also rewarding.

3) You are helping a child live life to the fullest. 

The children who you will sponsor might not have access to simple pleasures like toys and good food, let alone technology and clothes! By sponsoring a child you will be opening doors to new possibilities and help them enjoy living their lives.

4) You are proving to the world that there are people out there who care. 

Sponsoring a child is an action of good will towards fellow human beings, especially in difficult times. Helping your sponsored child is rewarding and might just be the push he/she needs to pursue higher goals.

5) You are helping to provide meals for multiple children. 

Sponsoring a child is similar to donating. In fact, the donation that you give goes towards the group of children that your sponsored child belongs in. By sponsoring a child, you can influence more than one person’s growth and development!

6) You are helping to build a better world for everyone.  

By sponsoring a child, you will be aiding in the breaking of the poverty cycle. Think about it, how many people are born into difficult situations just because their parents died or were forced to abandon them? By sponsoring a child who is in that same predicament, you are giving them better chances for survival and freedom!

7) You are making yourself feel good. 

People don’t sponsor children to feel bad or manipulate them into doing things for their own benefit. Of course, you have the good intention of helping others – that takes care of the selfishness factor! By sponsoring a child, you will be able to feel better about yourself knowing that your donations are making an impact on another person’s life.

8) You can help a child stand up for their future.    

By sponsoring a child, you are helping to mold them into the adults that they will become. By forming good habits like respecting yourself and others, you can bet that your sponsored child would grow up with an impeccable sense of empathy and hard work ethic; two traits we all need in this day and age!

9) You can save a child from untimely death. 

Through sponsoring a child, you will be opening doors to opportunities that they might not have had otherwise. Imagine if you were in their shoes and someone was reaching out to help you? It would feel amazing to know that there are people who want the best for you!

10) You can change a child’s world for better. 

It’s simple logic; if you sponsor a child, the world will change for that child. By giving him/her a chance to have a better life and become a productive member of society, you are helping set them on a path for success! That is why purchasing sponsorship helps improve the lives of children all over Africa.

Do not delay your decision in sponsoring a child, you are making the world a much better place for these children. Remember, the donation that you give is worth much more than just money or food because by sponsoring one child, you are potentially changing their lives forever!…


Save The Children

Save The Children Organization: Helping Children in Africa

Save The Children Organization is a charity created to help raise funds to educate and protect children. Since it started, Save The Children has been helping children all around the world. In the 1980s, they were able to help over 4 million children by saving them from hunger and poverty. Save the Children is a small charity that helps many children. They are able to help so many people because of generous donations from donors. So far, they have raised over $2 billion dollars to help save children in need.

In addition to giving children food and shelter, Save The Children also provides them with health care. They provide vaccinations and help treat diseases that spread easily in impoverished areas. A lot of the time these treatments and medications aren’t readily available in places where Save The Children operates. This is because in some areas people just can’t afford medical treatment. Save The Children is working to help improve these areas by providing the drugs that are necessary for good health.

Save The Children also provides children with educational opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. They work to provide housing for children so they can attend school comfortably and safely. Their goal is to have every child in Africa have the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. For girls, this is especially important. In many African countries like Nigeria and Somalia, there are cultural practices that stop girl children from getting the same opportunities as boys. This includes going to school.

Save The Children tries to fight these cultural barriers by giving them access to education and providing scholarships for them to continue their studies. Without Save The Children, many girls would have nowhere else to turn for help with school or other education needs.

Save The Children also provides food and other basic supplies to the areas where they are operating in Africa. They are able to do this by helping local farmers get access to better farming equipment and education. These efforts help local farmers become more successful and produce more food which provides a better chance of surviving for the children.

In addition to helping the areas they are working in, Save The Children also works with other charities to provide aid during catastrophic events like natural disasters. For example, when hurricanes strike places like Haiti and southern Florida, charity organizations work together to help those in need. They bring in the necessities like food and water and help the population get back on their feet. Save The Children helps provide support to children who suffer from these natural disasters.

In general, Save The Children does a lot of work for those who are less fortunate. They help those who wouldn’t be able to get access to the education and medicine they need by providing it for them. This includes girls who would normally not have a chance at an education or health care. With the help of Save The Children, millions of children are able to get the care they need for good health and to succeed.…


Sponsoring A Child in Africa

Sponsoring a child from any African country can help that child as well as the community the child lives in. Here’s some information on how it works and what your money can do to help change a life.

What you Get for Sponsoring a Child: 

Your sponsored child will have access to medical care, food, education, and other benefits. Every child you sponsor is an individual, but every child in the program has these things in common:

• They will receive at least one hot meal per day;

• Their school tuition and expenses are paid; 

• An annual medical exam including needed vaccinations; • A chance for safe water to drink.

A sponsored child’s family also benefits from the program in the form of increased food and health care.

When you sponsor a child in Africa, your sponsorship will change their life! The child you choose to help could be sick, but with your donations they can receive medical treatment that they need. Or if a child needs an operation it will be provided by sponsorship donations. If a child is not in school, your money might help them go.

Everything you give will have an impact on that child’s life.

Where Does the Money Go? 

Your contributions are used to help with the most basic needs of African children, keeping them healthy and in school so they can break the cycle of poverty. 100% of every contribution is used for the children and their communities.

This project addresses a variety of needs, all of which come from one simple goal: keep African children alive and in school so that they can break the cycle of poverty. 

In addition to supporting individual children, sponsors help provide: • Critical medical care. More than two million children die each year in Africa from preventable or treatable illnesses like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia. By providing access to primary medical care, sponsors help save lives and create healthier communities;

• Less stress at home. A child’s education creates less stress at home by allowing a parent to work to provide for the family and take pressure off siblings who must leave school to help provide for the family.

• Safe water and schools. In many African communities, available water is not safe to drink, causing illness and potential life-threatening dehydration. By providing access to clean drinking water, sponsors help prevent disease while ensuring that children have a chance to go to school each day. 

Sponsoring a child in Africa can change a life, but it can also change your own. 

When you give to the Compassion project in Africa, you are supporting life-changing programs that will help children grow into healthy adults with access to food, water and education while protecting them from disease and keeping them safe. These individual contributions add up — providing hope for families and communities. 

There are many ways you can help, but no matter how big or small your gift is, you’ll see the impact your sponsorship has on the children in this community. 

And when you sponsor a child in Africa, you’re helping end poverty while changing lives within families and communities around the world. 


Things To Do That Will Help The Children of Africa

Poverty in Africa is not a joke. In fact, it is a serious matter that affects the continent greatly. The problem is so bad that there are currently more than 1 billion people living in Africa who live below the poverty line.

If you want to help the children of Africa, there are many things you can do to improve their situation and potentially change their lives for the better. But before you can help, you need to know about the children’s conditions and see what they are going through. So here is a list of options for those who want to make a difference in Africa:

– Raise funds – one of the best things you can do is set up an account with any bank and start collecting donations from people who support your cause and mission – if the funds are collected, you can use them to purchase nets that will protect children from malaria-carrying mosquitos (for every $3 donated, one child is protected for 4 years).

– Improve children’s lives – since many African countries lack sufficient schools and teachers to help their students, those who have access to education are lucky. So if you have the money, you can set up a school or sponsor an individual child with supplies and education.

– Raise awareness – one of the best ways to help African children is by promoting awareness about their situation. If people are more knowledgeable, they will understand why certain actions need to be taken in order for African children to succeed. So share information about the children of Africa with your friends and social media contacts, so that everyone can educate themselves.

– Volunteer – if you have the inclination to help in person, then go volunteer with an organization that works closely with African children. You can pack up along with the supplies which will be used for kids in need. Besides volunteering, you can also get involved with charity organizations that do fundraising campaigns for African children.

– Donate – you can also choose to donate your time and money, but make sure you pick a credible organization. These days, there are many such organizations on the Internet who work toward providing aid to children in Africa. Look online and see if any of them offer attractive ways to get involved. If you have extra supplies at home, you can always pack them up and take them with you when traveling to Africa.

– Travel – if you are an adventurous traveler or backpacker, then visit Africa. You can travel around the continent for 6 months without being stopped by authorities who want to ask questions about your activities. After reaching your destination of choice, you can start helping children living in that area.

– Volunteer at orphanages – if you are comfortable with kids, then you can take up duties at an orphanage or charity home for abandoned children. You will be their guardian during your stay and you will be working closely with other volunteers who are also involved in the cause to provide care and aid to these children.

– Work with local schools – you can also work with local schools by teaching English, music or sports. This way, the children will learn new things that they can pass on to others when they grow up.

– Work at orphanages – another option is to take up duties at an orphanage for abandoned kids. You will be their guardian during your stay and you will be working closely with other volunteers who are also involved in the cause to provide care and aid to these children.

Using the above options for things to do that will help African children, you can make a difference in their lives even if you don’t live nearby. These kids need all the help they can get, so it will be good if you pick different options to help out.…


Top 7 Most Famous African Charities

It is important to look for a reliable charity or organization, before sponsoring a child. This would be a lot easier if you happen to have an idea about the most renowned child sponsoring organizations in Africa. There are seven of them which will be discussed in this article.

#5. Sparrow’s Children’s Project

This organization is found in Mozambique and hence is one of the top 7 famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa. It has been working as a child sponsorship organization since 1996. The main objective of this non-governmental organization is to provide sustainable relief and development for children, families and communities in Mozambique.

Sponsoring a child through Sparrow’s Children’s Project will cost you $39/month; however, if you are interested in sponsoring two or more children, you will have to pay $49/month.

#4. Africa At Heart

Hailing from a non-profit organization in the United States, this is one of the top famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa. Africa at Heart was founded by Tom Katus and his wife in 2004. The main objective of this organization is to provide better education, healthcare, food and shelter for the less privileged children in Africa.

The main core of this organization is volunteerism. It encourages people to come together in helping the disadvantaged kids without expecting any immediate reward.

#3. Compassion International

This non-profit Christian organization was established in 1952, back when it was known as ‘Christian Children’s Fund’. The main objective of this organization is to bring relief and hope into the lives of millions of disadvantaged children. 

Sponsoring a child through Compassion International is extremely easy and can be done in three different ways:

1. Sponsor a child by donating $38/month.

2. Sponsor a child at one time donation of $3800 for 12 months.

3. Sponsor multiple children or support the same sponsored child for longer period of time, for a donation of $3800.

#2. World Vision International

World Vision International is a comprehensive humanitarian organization, which was established in 1950 by Robert Pierce Burnham. Its main objective is to improve education and nutrition among the children across the world, no matter where they live or what their religion is.

Donations can be made through credit card, online banking or through direct debit from your monthly bank account.

#1. Save The Children International

Save the Children was established in 1919 and works as a child relief organization. It has been working to protect children around the world and also mobilize people across the globe who care about children’s welfare and support its mission and vision to help vulnerable children.

Sponsoring a child through Save the Children costs $48/month, but you can also opt for sponsoring more than one child or donating only once instead of monthly donations.

Sponsoring a child can be an extremely fulfilling experience for both the sponsor and the sponsored. This article has outlined 7 of the most famous charities to sponsor a child in Africa, ranging from organizations that work solely with African children to those who provide relief anywhere around the world.

It’s important you do your research before selecting one charity over another so you know where your money will go towards supporting their missions and vision.…


Ways To Help The Hungry Children of Africa

The children of Africa are in dire need. Malnutrition, disease and war have ravaged the continent. Many people do not know about these problems or what they can do to help, but it is possible for everyone to make a difference. We must be aware of the conditions that exist in order to change them. It may seem like there is no hope, but we will never get anywhere if we don’t start somewhere.

Here are some ways to help:

1) Donate to an existing charity or create your own. 

There are numerous organizations working towards this cause, you can find them at the website of the United Nations , they also have information on how you can help children in need without having to donate money.

2) Help spread awareness. 

The more people who know about this problem, the more likely it is to get better. You can do this by campaigning and petitioning for more help in Africa, or you can just spread the message through word-of-mouth.

3) Don’t buy products that harm the environment. 

By supporting companies that deal in non-recycled and/or non-renewable resources you are ruining the environment. Africa is one of the most affected areas by climate change, so you can help fight this by using environmentally friendly products.

4) Work to stop environmental destruction in your country. 

By working with your local, state or government officials you can ensure that deforestation and other forms of degradation are reduced. If no laws are in place to protect the environment, lobby for them.

5) Eat organic and local to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The healthier you eat, the less impact each meal will have on the environment. Also by shopping at your local farmer’s market you can make sure that produce isn’t shipped from across the world (you might even save some money).

6) Recycle and reduce the amount of trash you produce. 

If we don’t want our children to suffer from having no place to live, we need to take care of the environment. Recycling is important because it keeps our landfills from getting too full.

7) Buy fair trade products to help support developing countries. 

By purchasing not only organic but fair-trade products, you are making sure that the people who grew or made your food were paid fairly for their work. Many of these workers are children in developing countries.

8) Support a politician that cares about the hungry in Africa and help to get them elected in your country. 

There are many politicians who preach equality, but do nothing to support it or to help those who need it most. You can stop this by voting for people who truly want change. Consider supporting groups such as Oxfam and Transparency International .

9) Hold a fundraiser for the children of Africa. 

You may think that throwing a party or making food is pointless, but it can raise awareness and money. Even if you make enough to feed one child, you did something good. Find out about this organization called Plan Canada which helps African youth in need.

10) Go to Africa and help children locally. 

If you have the time, energy and money then this is a great way to invest in the communities that surround you. You can find ways to volunteer or donate at sites such as work away or go abroad.

The blog that you just read is not only informative, but it also provides some ideas on how to help African children. We encourage you to take the time and consider these ways of helping because it may change your perspective. 

There are many organizations working towards this cause so there is no need for you to feel helpless or alone in your fight against hunger. The more people who know about this problem, the sooner we can find a solution!…


Countries That Donates The Most to Africa

There are a lot of Countries that gives donation to African countries. We have seen lot of them that they came on limelight for doing this act.

12 Countries listed below is the Country that donates the most to Africa:

1) United States of America

This Country donates about $1.2 billion each year to the African countries, both for humanitarian and other use. They are taking part in programs to fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis through organizations like PEPFAR & The Global Fund. United States is the largest donor to the United Nations system and provides more than one-quarter of all funding.

2) United Kingdom

They are one of the donors that gives the most also in support for the economic development in Africa, especially in Sub-Saharan Countries. It has more than 40 bilateral programs and also support for around 4 regional programs of cooperation. They gave about $1 billion in aid to Africa each year.

3) Netherlands

They are donating over $500 million to the healthcare projects in Africa. They have been helping on health issues including HIV/AIDS programs and malaria control through their country’s Department of Foreign Affairs. 

4) Germany

This Country has been working hard together with the United Nations on various issues of education, health and good governance in African countries. They have been donating for humanitarian aid to help those that are victims of conflict or disaster.

5) Japan

This country has been helping poor African Countries through an organization called as “African Capacity Building Foundation”. They have also a lot of projects for helping educational institutions in Africa. 

6) Norway

Norway donates about $400 million annually to the African Countries, especially to Mali, Sudan and Somalia in order to help in development programs. They have being helping in humanitarian aid, health related issues and also education.

7) The European Union (EU)

They are giving $1.3 billion in total, both to help on humanitarian and also on developmental issues of African Countries. This organization has been helping poor countries for promoting good governance and better health care facilities, while at the same time encouraging trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

8) France

This country is working together with the United Nations to promote development and reforms in African countries, and is providing assistance for human development and humanitarian efforts. They have been helping through the French Development Agency (AFD), as well as with their commitment to cancel some of the debt of African Countries.

9) Canada

This country has been collaborating with African Countries on various issues, especially trade and investment opportunities. They provide up to $200 million each year in order to help African Countries with their economic development. 

10) China

This country donated more than 1 billion dollars for humanitarian reasons, and also encourages agricultural development, construction of schools and hospitals (Tanzania & Uganda), as well as funding the fight against HIV/AIDS. They are also helping to boost their trade ties with African Countries.

11) Ireland

This Country gives about $300 million per year in order to help on humanitarian, developmental and also peace-keeping. They also provides funding for consular activities performed by the Irish Embassy in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

12) Italy

Italy donates more than $200 million each year to support development projects throughout Africa. This country has been helping to promote economic growth and fight against the HIV/AIDS, especially in East Africa.

So here you go! These are the Top 10 Countries That Donates The Most to Africa.

Please feel free to share this around, to tell people they are not alone in this fight for change!

Thanks for reading! 🙂